Kraft Family Chiropractic - Holistic, Wellness, and Diagnostics

Welcome to Kraft Family Chiropractic. I am Dr. George L Kraft III. My mission is to help sick people get well through natural means, without the use of drugs or surgery. I use the activator method technique when adjusting patients and implement chiropractic biophysics which will give you more permanent pain relief through spine and postural correction. I also specialize in Traditional Chinese medicine. I am certified in acupuncture through Logan College of chiropractic. My practice uses needleless acupuncture with the Qi Pulse laser pen so if you are scared of needles, have no fear!

New Patient Referral!!!

For every new patient that you refer, that starts care with us you will earn a complementary adjustment!!!

I use the AcuGraph 4 which will eliminate the guess work in acupuncture diagnosis, allowing me to provide the best treatment possible. Treatments include Auriculotherapy, aka Auricular Medicine, through StimPlus and laser.

Another area of practice I specialize in is stress and allergy/food sensitivity reduction through the use of the Nano SRT. This is a state of the art computer program that will scan your reaction to over 50,000 allergens to figure out exactly what you are allergic to. I use the laser to treat the appropriate acupuncture points and meridians. After 7-10 short treatments your allergies are eliminated!

You can find more information on all of my chiropractic techniques under areas of practice at the top of the page.

"The Power that made the body, heals the body."