Why Choose Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is proactive & preventative personalized medicine, which empowers the patient to an active role in their health & care. By shifting part of the responsibility back to the patient, lifestyle modifications necessary to facilitate positive change are more likely to take place. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of conventional allopathic medical practice, to a more patient-centered approach, functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. A functional medicine physician spends enough time with their patients to listen to their health histories, do a complete physical exam, to gather enough information to order the appropriate lab tests, then think & link about the biochemical reasons, or even structural/ energetic reasons there is malfunction happening, and then present a plan of action, needed to be done by both patient & doctor. Both Dr.  & Patient has to be invested in the plan for positive change to happen, otherwise, change will not happen. Conventional allopathic western medicine likes to name and blame symptoms, then cover those symptoms with medications, & pain killers; leaving the patient’s body in a state of Dis-ease sad , so the condition never fully resolves, & the patient is left taking more and more medication. As Thomas Edison said, the doctor of the future will concern his/her patients with diet & the condition of the human frame. Well Said Thomas!! happy


  • Health Oriented
  • Patient Centered
  • Biochemical Individuality, as well as Structural Individuality
  • Holistic
  • Cost Effective
  • Looks at Underlying Cause of Disease, & the Patient as a Whole
  • Preventative Approach
  • High Touch / High Tech


  • Disease, & Medication Orientated
  • Doctor-Centered
  • Everyone is treated similarly
  • Specialized
  • Expensive
  • Diagnosis based on Symptoms
  • Disease Detection
  • Care based on Symptoms, not Whole Person

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