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So What is Chiropractic Care?Chiropractic is really quite simple: it's the act of returning the body to it's optimal level, so that it can heal itself without the use of drugs. Kind of like restoring a computer to its factory setting - when no problems were present. Though we often associate chiropractic care with back, neck or knee pain, the healing ability of a chiropractor goes far beyond that.

Our office provides the most complete chiropractic care through the combined uses of the Activator Method Technique, a gentle, low-force approach to Chiropractic care, and biophysics of which provides a more permanent relief and improved health for patients through spine & postural correction.

We are one of the few St. Louis chiropractic offices to provide Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. This is an innovative non-invasive approach to accelerate your body's own natural healing process, providing much quicker, long awaited, pain relief.